Deborah Gold | Newpressionist

A Passion for Painting

In 1989 Deborah Gold moved to Santa Fe from New York City. One year later she opened her own gallery on historical Canyon Road. The motivation having her own gallery was to bring to life all the ideas she had about art and its meaning and to develop with no constraint her passion for painting.

Observing Deborah Gold painting, we see a prodigious talent at work displaying the unique combination of virtuosity and spontaneity, revealing a unique gift compatible with the greatest American Impressionist artists that ever lived. Deborah Gold’s interpretation of the tradition of Impressionism is an organic merging of vivid, rich and luscious colors of great sensuous appeal applied with spontaneous strokes with a deep sense of harmony in the composition.

For the last twenty eight years, Deborah has achieved a position of preeminence well acknowledged in the Santa Fe art scene. The art of Deborah Gold is an art of great beauty that wins the spectator over by its timeless nature. The masterly appeal of her work is appreciated by art enthusiasts and collectors all over the world.