Deborah Gold | Newpressionist

Artist Statement

My goal is the nourishment of the emotional self through sheer beauty and the appeal of nature. I paint forms with colors, replacing firm outlines and smooth surfaces with patches of color and thick impasto. I paint what I see stressing freshness of tonal modeling to produce velvety textures, clarity of high key effects, spontaneity in brush and knife strokes. I paint the essential character of what I see. My art is an art of sensitivity to light rendered in freely applied paint to create poetic imagery suggesting the joyous release I feel when observing nature. I have a fascination with the momentary quality of the illumination. I am an Impressionist in the sense that I try to communicate the “first impression” made on me by a particular scene, letting the full glory of nature’s sunlight pour in upon the retina. I am a born colorist with a passion for beauty. I see myself as a poet capturing the glory of nature.  My art is the painting of beauty and the beauty of painting.